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If you need this Tertiary Progressions, I will try to copy and send it to you. WL, Yelena. Maybe next Monday? For you and Lillybelle.

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Regards from Slovenia, Yelena. Hey Yelena!

BelgianMoonGuy, Tertiary progressions are minor progressions. They are a month for a year as opposed to secondary progressions which are a day for a year. I have software that does all the work on me.

Progressions, Mirrors of Our Reality

They move a lot faster than secondary progressions, so they are a lot of fun to keep up with. I have been totally surprised at how accurate they are!

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  • About that, I would say, that for some things in real life is to late! That is only Aphorisme, I collect them. That knows our Belgian friend. They do speak French and Flamish. How are you managing with all that snow? First of all, where are you at the moment? Maybe, you are somewhere, where is warmer. I wish you, to be somewhere, where is more safe. Tertiary Progressions are one day for one month, but you go back from your birthday. I knew it before, but last October one Vedic Astrologer has count for me, for what day I have to look my planets.

    During 2 nd year of astrological studies student is trained to use extended number of astrological predictive techniques, from the very basic to the advanced ones.

    Tertiary Progression

    Beside that, through numerous workshops, student gets insight what techniques are more suitable for particular person and how to combine various techniques in order to achieve the most complete and accurate timing of an event. Besides prediction techniques, 2nd year curriculum also includes astrology of relations and practical methods of electoral and horary astrology.

    In scope of 10 months studies, student attends regular lectures within 9 subjects:.

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    The Introduction to Astrological Prognostic Basis of the predictive astrology lays in natal astrology. This subject provides insight on planetary rulers, planetary cycles, theory of time — linear and circular, life cycles. It gives overview of predictive techniques and their link with various levels of reality from witch they operate. The Rectification Within this subject student gets skill to determine exact birth time when it is unknown based on significant events in life of particular individual, which can be confirmed by comparative application of predictive techniques.

    The Art of Interpretation Here is presented comprehensive technique that provides higher quality in astrological practice with clients. It includes practical application of both natal and predictive astrology.