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They are frightening for the other pets. Scorpios are also charming creatures. They are proud and obstinate at times. Sagittarius pets are full of boundless energy and with strong nerves. They are fun-loving creatures. Sagittarius pets are very good to keep at young age. As they grow up they become temperate. They are also the most accident -prone members of the zodiac. They easily get into troubles because of their clumsy nature. They love to be loved and give back the same to their owner.

Sagittarius pets are cowards and mostly run out of any serious fight.

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They like adventure. Capricorn pets are found to be wiser when compared to the other pets of their age. They are also known for their proper behavior and keep the house in order. Capricorn cats love to sleep endlessly. They put on weight as they have a bent on food. Capricorns are stubborn and hate to be disturbed from their place. They are said to be self-centered but hate to be alone. They give a good company for kids in playing.

Aquarius pets are gentle creatures. They sense the moods of their owners and act accordingly.

They have a liking for water and taking them to a bath is very easy. They are very friendly and intelligent. Aquarius cats are very temperamental. Training them is not an easy affair. They are poke their noses into anything on their way. Aquarius pets are lovers of food.

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This usually lands them in unwanted illnesses. Piscean pets love water and related sports. They are very sensitive and emphatic and easily sense their owners mood. Once they develop a liking for a particular person they shall stick on for life. They are accident prone. Piscean cats are hyperactive and impulsive in nature. Piscean pets change their moods often that it is difficult to understand them. They love luxury and do not need much space. A change of environment shall make them sulk to a corner.

But for that they are gentle and loving pets. Note: Please be advised. This Astrology section is for entertainment purposes only. Astrology deals in archetypal truths, and can register major events in individual lives and national history. Astrology is closer than other disci-plines to describing "the will of God". You can also be great at nurturing, so why not get a little delicate pet that needs your love and attention and will also snuggle sometimes?

A cute hedgehog fits the bill. As a Leo, you love to always be the center of attention and to surround yourself with beautiful, exotic things. You don't want your pet to be any different, so you need something that's going to stand out and attract tons of stares.

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Enter the Bengal cat: these exotic and beautiful animals will definitely stand out enough for you. Virgos are known as the most clean of all of the zodiac signs. You like things to be orderly, organized, and put together, and you likely have no patience for something like a dog or cat, who will shed a lot and leave a mess behind.

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Instead, go for a super low-maintenance pet, like a fish. Fish can be great companions and can be interesting to own, but they also don't leave your house a mess. As a Libra, you like to be surrounded by beautiful, nice things, meaning you want a pet that's going to also attract some attention. But you also place a huge importance on relationships and want something you can play with and snuggle with. That's why a sweet bunny rabbit is perfect.

They're cuddly, loving, and so adorable to look at. If any sign in the zodiac is going to be a perfect match for a reptile like a snake, it's a Scorpio. You are mysterious, emotional, and known for having a bit of a dark side — basically just like a snake. You'll appreciate their equally mysterious nature and their eerie beauty, and you'll love how they stand out are more unique.

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Sagittarius, you are the world traveler of all of the zodiac signs. Constantly plagued with a never-ending sense of wanderlust, you're always on the go, whether you're traveling or going off on some sort of adventure. If you're going to get a pet, you need a low-maintenance pet who doesn't require your full attention all the time. Red and orange are perceived as gray.

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They can, however, see purple, green and blue, albeit in less saturated tones. Most Aries cats, especially young ones, can be leash-trained or clicker-trained, and enjoy the fast sport of agility training. Aries male cats tend to be dominant and aggressive, enjoying wrestling and maintaining their spot at the top of the hierarchy.

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The same holds true for female Aries cats, especially if the other cats are male. The Aries female will always rule the roost. These kitties can be impatient princesses. Neither gender is adverse to giving a love bite or scratch. Better still, cat-proof your garden with screened-in catio or escape-proof fence like Purr… fect Cat Fence. The Aries cat tend be more sleek and athletic in shape and will appreciate a high perch to climb up on and survey their domain which you just happen to occupy.

Creating multiple surfaces to climb on using shelves at different heights will satisfy their need to climb and explore. If they eat too fast, I recommend using slow feeder bowls. A passionate advocate for cats, she founded the Toronto-based Annex Cat Rescue in In addition to her blogging at Cat Wisdom , she blogs at Boomer Muse and contributes to Petfinder.