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It's Halloween month, and everyone is feeling spooky. On Wednesday, October 2 , Pluto, goes direct. This transit asks all of us to dig deep into our darkest secrets and then find a healthy way to turn them into reality. Whether that's through making space in your life for a kink or to pursue a professional goal, it's time to share your desires with others.

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The next day, on Thursday, October 3 , communication planet enters sexy Scorpio. It'll become easier to share our secrets with others, but be sure to be sensitive for the potential for jealousy. Warrior planet Mars also enters Libra, the sign of balance , on this day. This diplomatic energy will smooth over tensions that may arise but make it difficult to fight hard for what we want, as Libra is prone to people-pleasing.

Venus, the planet of love, enters mysterious Scorpio on Tuesday, October 8. We're all going to be feeling intense and horny, there's no way around it.

The moon is in Scorpio today.

Work on channeling this energy through healthy sex or communication so the emotional vibe doesn't mutate into controlling behavior. There is a full moon in bold Aries on Sunday, October This day holds abundant possibilities for manifestation.

Libra Love and Sex

Try out sex magic by masturbating and visualizing what you want, personally or professionally, with a view of the light of the full moon. Get your Halloween costume ready, because Scorpio season officially begins on Wednesday, October Scorpio is represented by the death card in tarot , which isn't as scary as it sounds. It means rebirth and transformation. This time of year is excellent for breaking free from fears and stepping into your weirdest, most beautiful self.

Set intentions for the rest of autumn during the full moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October October ends with a bang on Thursday, October To start, it's Halloween, a time in which you can tap into your shadow self through the power of costume. Are you a rockstar? A witch? Embrace the holiday and dress up celebrate all month! It's also the start of Mercury retrograde. Double-check that you're sexting the right person and beware of exes, but other than that, party safely. There's a big bright full moon in your sign this month, Aries, bringing romantic and sexual satisfaction.

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  8. And there's money coming, too. Professional moves put into place at the end of the month bring huge earning potentials. Read your full October horoscope here. October asks you to look deep inside yourself, Taurus, but only so you can turn your deepest desires into a reality.

    Libra (astrology)

    Shake-ups in your love life may go down, but you must trust in the universe that everything is as it should be. Uh oh, Gemini, it's time to update your Tinder profile. Is the world ready for your charm? Beware of jealous lovers and focus on enjoying Halloween. Are you kink-shaming yourself, Cancer? Work on accepting your desires and then share them so that you can play with others. October is all about self-acceptance and self-care so that you may be the happiest crab there ever was. It's okay to take time for yourself, but remember to communicate with others so that your need for solitude isn't mistaken for disinterest.

    Your animal side will be in full effect later this month by the time Halloween rolls around.

    Today’s forecast for Libra 23 March 2015

    The Moon is raising the prospects of a busy, though happy, home-based weekend. The choice is yours as to whether you spend a restful time with family members or busy yourself on your favourite tasks. The guiding principle seems to be that whatever you do benefits others. When Mercury and Venus speak to each other, they create poetic conditions.

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    Such delicate influences obviously appeal strongly to the subtle Cancerian personality, and may lead you to dream of exotic places or future wealth. Partners may not make much sense, though! There is every opportunity for you to make the most of yourself socially this weekend.

    The stars are urging you to take the initiative and get out as much as possible. A little play would be a good thing after a hard-working week. After all, you do have to look after yourself occasionally! Listen carefully to what other people say, and admit they have the best ideas. This is not to say that you are wrong, only that there are aspects of the current situation that you have failed to consider.

    Libra Dates: The Leap Year Bump

    The Sun is soon to form a very delicate and inspired relationship with Neptune, which means that dreams and thoughts of romance are prominent this weekend. Yet a money muddle may intervene along the way. There is every sense in which it is right for you to argue your case.