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Ahau represents spiritual enlightenment in a higher dimension. Imix represents the primal basic instincts of existence on the material-physical-earthly third dimensional plane. Ik represents the catalyst for communication and thus change on both levels. This strong combination of spiritual and material change encourages us to rise to higher levels of consciousness in order to solve the problems created in our third dimensional existence.

As we journey through each day of this Trecena:.

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Utilize the energy of Eagle connector of Earth and Sky to broaden our vision in order to promote unity through global awareness. We've learned that we must discern the Truth for our Self. No one can tell us what we must believe. Our Beliefs expand and change over a lifetime. Eagle is revered because it is the creature capable to fly closest to the Creator. Eagle can raise our field of Vision to see for our Self what the Creator sees. Residing in the Direction of the West, a new Vision will help us navigate the "hard road of life," our responses to Life Experience. It is extremely accurate, and the calculations of Maya priests were so precise that their calendar correction is 10,th of a day more exact than the standard calendar the world uses today.

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Of all the ancient calendar systems, the Maya and other Mesoamerican systems are the most complex and intricate. They used day months, and had two calendar years: the day Sacred Round, or tzolkin , and the day Vague Year, or haab. These two calendars coincided every 52 years.

Right now they want to stop hunger, ban the Confederate flag, save the whales, stop global warming and find a safe place for Syrians. So, what — beyond the beguiling presentation — is Avaaz? Who set them up? Who pays their bills? Who mans their ramparts? But yes, the money is definitely rolling in.

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I mean — who knew, right? No one at Avaaz seems to have more to say about that though. Do we assume its founders funded it for the first two years? Yes — according to this site , but the links it offers as proof are all dead or hijacked, so this can only be offered as a suggestion at this time.

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And who are those founders? Well,that much is no secret. You can read it on their own site :. Res Publica and Moveon. Who are they?

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A bit of googling can tell us a certain amount about them. Res Publica is a bit hard to pin down. Their Wiki link leads nowhere now, and their URL is dead. There seems to be nothing much about them online that adds more information than the brief summary offered by Avaaz, but NGO Monitor tells us they :. This article from the National Catholic Reporter in fills in a few blanks.

Much more than documents.

Their website is still active. They are a Democratic party front group, currently campaigning against GMO salmon, the Confederate flag, Greek austerity and numerous other things, many of which seem eminently reasonable. The most high-profile of these is Ricken Patel. That same year Intelligent Life Magazine ran a similarly adulatory piece on him, complete with a pic of Rick sitting in a street cafe, looking hip and caring and keeewl. So apparently the neo-liberal, pseudo-left press love this man and really — really — want us to love him too.

Tom is also an avowed supporter of the war on terror , who, while in the House of Representatives voted for the continuation of U. He is also on chummy terms with Barack Obama. If you are thinking this must be a different Tom Perriello from the one listed as an Avaaz founder, sorry, no. Check his Wiki page for yourself.

Tom is that rare animal — a state department official and ex-congressman who also happens to be a radical activist. Pisces Yearly Predictions. It is advised to be alert in your profession between 10th April and 11th August.

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This year, you should avoid taking any financial risks, as this does not seem like a good period to do so. The phase between the second week of August till the year ends, will see the gradual development in professional as well as personal front, although you may encounter a lot of problems in various tasks that you may indulge in, which may also delay your results, making you a bit impatient.

As far as your relationship with everyone is concerned, things will be pretty sorted and in tune, till the month of April, but you may see constraints in your relationship between the months of May and September. You may have arguments and quarrels with your close ones, which you should totally avoid.

This phase of time, is also not good in terms of your monetary matters, so keep away from any financial involvement as well, as is indicated in your Virgo predictions. The time period between September and December will give you a lot of opportunities to grow and learn, as per your Virgo horoscope, but there are other things that may try to pull you down and make you dissatisfied. Financial hurdles is one of the issues that you are likely to face on a personal level.

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  6. A lot of students may face problems with their studies, where they either may not be able to score well, in spite of working hard or, concentrate efficiently while studying. On the professional front, work will keep you a lot busier than usual, between the 23rd of March till the year end. You may feel spiritually inclined because of the effect of Ketu in the Sagittarius sign. Also, have good control over your temper as it will effect you negatively and taking very good care of your health between May till July is also necessary, according to the prediction in your Virgo horoscope Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.