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Mercury teaches the house person to be more analytical about things before jumping into action. The house person teaches Mercury to take more action and get out of their heads. This pairing can often make Mercury the brains of the operation and the House person the body to physically pursue things. Nonetheless, this overlay points to a very receptive and communicative pairing. This overlay definitely is an indicator of physical attraction. The closer Venus is to the ascendant in this overlay intensifies the energy between the two. The house persons physical body and looks is very appealing to the Venus person.

The house person can look like the ideal mate Venus has been searching for.

Zodiac House Symbolism

However, this can place a slight pressure on the house person to live up to and remain everything the Venus person likes: beautiful, charming, and pleasurable. This in turn can cause the house person to feel somewhat like a trophy or a prop. The house person admires Venus as Venus clearly likes and possesses all the things the Ascendant person portrays and exemplifies. This is definitely an overlay that generates…..

This is one of the most natural astrological indicators of attraction in a synastry overlay. Because Mars naturally rules the First house, so when these two meet they almost instantly take note of each other. You can see this with individuals who like to play fight with another, or touch each other when they speak…their interactions typically always have a bit of a physical element to it. There can also be a hostile or combative energy surrounding their interactions especially upon meeting.

These two can be prone to arguments as well as playful banter between them. The Mars person tends to feel really turned on by the House person and how they carry themselves and the way they present themselves to the world. The house person in turn tends to feel v sexy around the Mars person and find they express all the qualities they find attractive. The two have a tendency to get…uh…. Which leads to…. Its the art crafted and pleasure gained following the comfort found in home.

Its the state of daily work succeeding the indulgence of pleasure. Once the overall state of identity is established, from self to service, affairs of complimentary people are found. Who you are gives way to everyone else.

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Intimacy of the soul reveals expansion of higher level thought, opening opportunities in various subjects of beliefs, religion, education, and wisdom, etc. Expansion spreads the Native to the highest star, where everyone from near to afar can recall the concepts the Native represents.

This directly connects them to groups of like minded people who easily become friends. Progression gives way to the highest ascension of Earthly being. The collective conscious is accessed here, and the selves stemmed from the Native. The houses are the themes and scenes of life where we demonstrate the qualities of the sign and planet. A house with no planets is still active with the energy of the sign on the house cusp.

In the chart above Pluto is in the 6th house, but there are no planets in the 5th or 7th house.

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On the cusp of this 5th chart is Libra. The ruler of Libra is Venus, so we can take some qualities of Venus in the 5th to understand how this person may parent or romance.

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Though every individual has different house cusps depending on their birth time, the original rulers still have influence on the planets that are in that particular house. The point is: the traditional ruler of a house has an influence on the planets that happen to fall in that house, regardless , of whether or not the particular cusp in your Natal chart is ruled by that sign.

Anyways, this is just a fun, new way to understand your placements better. Check out which house all of your planets land in; then see if the characteristics of that traditional house ruler apply. Enjoy ;.

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First House Aries : Makes the planet more independent, courageous, passionate, extroverted, aggressive, impulsive, outgoing, and controlling. Second House Taurus : Makes the planet more stable, sensual, dependable, jealous, loyal, materialistic, responsible, and generous. Third House Gemini : Makes the planet more communicative, expressive, adaptable, flighty, manipulative, intelligent, and versatile.

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Fourth House Cancer : Makes the planet more nurturing, caring, moody, ambitious, possessive, insecure, empathetic, and gentle. Fifth House Leo : Makes the planet more creative, powerful, loyal, insecure, generous, self-absorbed, and warm. Sixth House Virgo : Makes the planet more intelligent, quick, detail-oriented, serving, humble, bossy, and perfectionist. Seventh House Libra : Makes the planet more social, harmonious, aesthetic, charming, neutral, narcissistic, and diplomatic. Eighth House Scorpio : Makes the planet more intense, extreme, deep, transformational, intuitive, and secretive.

Ninth House Sagittarius : Makes the planet more idealistic, stubborn, jolly, light-hearted, optimistic, over-indulgent, lucky, and blunt. Tenth House Capricorn : Makes the planet more determined, success-oriented, hard working, cold, loyal, and resilient. Eleventh House Aquarius : Makes the planet more unique, eccentric, inventive, friendly, just, and rebellious.

Twelfth House Pisces : Makes the planet more imaginative, dreamy, self-sacrificing, compassionate, sensitive, and psychic. The houses. The dwelling of your very existence. These 12 little mathematical slivers of pure goodness are your compass, letting you know were all the support and opportunities are for you to grow into your best motherfucking self.

Why are you even here in the first place? The most subjective space in your life, what you and only you feel to be true about you.

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So you can discover what is you this and what is not you that. Not personal, just facts. Shows how you root deep down and anchor that little identity you just formed in houses Here, you can feel connected to everyone because you feel safe and secure in yourself , your feelings and your awareness of others as selves. Playin with your presentation. Who and how you wanna be?

What is even the point of being you? What are you trying to make happen? Yes, anything, everything - every relationship, from pets to partners. How do you approach the world? This is more than participation, this is the bare your soul type shit. How you manage all your seemingly random life experiences into one complete whole makin sense out of things idea. How you present yourself , how you strive to achieve through accepting responsibility and being accountable for what you put out in the world.

This is how you structure your own life to make life better for everyone around you. So you can become the most awake, most self-aware human being in all the land. The First House is the house of self. It says who we are to the world. The First House is not only says how we view ourselves and our place in the world, but it shows how other people view us as well. The Third House shows how we speak and communicate with other people.

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It shows how we learn and what we are interested in learning about. As many of us know, Venus is the planet of beauty. Since Venus is a feminine planet, women with Venus in the first house are usually very beautiful. Venus in first makes someone very magnetic, others may often feel drawn to there dreamy like appearance. They would often be described as irresistible due to the magnetic force they possess. Venus in the first house is ultimately one of the best indicators at someone very attractive. The Second House is the house of money in astrology. It shows how we are with our finances. The Second House also shows what we choose to spend our money on and how we treat the property that we own.