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In the latter instance, the interpretation by the reader or translator might explain the use of modern terms. It is invariably so that the past, up to the time of reading, has been entirely and uncannily accurate, down to the details of personal names. In my instance o. The reader however read the selected leaf and said my father's name was 'Don Patrick', which was correct. My father had seldom used the name Don, and I did not mention or write that name during tins session. Having been a South Indian reader whom I had not met before, and having had my reading made 2 hours after giving my thumb print, it was not possible for him to have fraudulently ascertained the name Don.

What does seem to go wrong m some cases is the future, Why this is so is controversial and hypotheses abound. One suggests 'that, as much as the events described in the writings are based on the idea of karma cumulative consequences of one's past deeds , a person's future depends not only on his past karma especially from deeds committed in his previous lives, 'but also on his deeds and consequent karma in his present life, which can modify his karmic account, modifying in turn the events of the future.

It is relevant that a current view on the perennial debate on free-will versus determinism is that the answer probably lies in the idea of 'compatibilism' Searle which accommodates both determinism and free-will, just as much as Radhakrishnan, the Indian philosopher-statesman compared the situation to a game of cards in which the predetermined determinism pack of cards is dealt out as a hand to each player, who can then use the cards as it pleases him free-will.

The meticulous performance of propitiatory rites or poojas as correctives for 'bad' karmic effects as prescribed in the readings as a determinant of the fruition of the predictions could also be another basis of the explanation of why the future, as described on the leaf, is not always correct. In these instances, perhaps the poojas were not done as prescribed. It is apparent that the phenomenon of the ola leaves cannot be studied 'objectively' or by quantitative, controlled experiments, as one would do in normal science or even with other putative psi phenomena - eg. GESP with Zener cards under controlled, experimental conditions, statistics etc.

The approach that seems possible with the ola leaves is that used by Ian Stevenson in his analysis of cases suggestive of re4ncarnation, or the legal approach to gathering what could be circumstantial evidence, with corroboration from independent sources, and certainly the elimination of fraud.

In this respect, another parallel is the validation of ideas in astro-physics and theoretical physics: ". These things have to be deduced from circumstantial evidence especially hard for black holes which by their nature reveal little about themselves" General Relativity. The Economist, , Nov 8th Yet it is possible to make some investigations such as whether the readings are off a written script.

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In this case re-reading at a later date, of the same leaf, should give an identical reading. If it is not identical, then some telepathic event at the time of reading might account for its accuracy,. That this does not seem to occur is suggested by the fact that the subjects who have had correct readings did not give their correct name, nor address nor other relevant personal details.

Such a source of fraud is also discounted on the facts that 1 the gap between the giving of the thumb print and the actual reading after the selection of the leaf has been as short as one or two hours, making it impossible for the reader to do 'research' on the subject's background; 2 confidential details pertaining to the subject, but which have not been known to anyone else, or not documented, have been read or commented on with great accuracy; 3 specific predictions, borne out as correct by subsequent events, have been recorded.

Indeed, years later, he did get married to a Tamil girl, but her surname differed from what was predicted. On checking with her parents after marriage, it was revealed that their family name had indeed been changed many years before, and the original name was in fact what was stated on the subject's leaf Neither the subject nor the girl was aware of the original name. Other examples of accurate predictions made for periods of up to several years in the future, would also exclude fraud of this type, and are recorded below.

Another obvious type of fraud could occur when the reader by skilful questioning, draws out the information from the subject himself in the guise of needing that information for verification of the ownership of the leaf. In my personal experience and that of others, such 'fishing' did not occur. The only questioning by the reader was solely for verification of the identity of the leaf from basic facts date of birth, names of subject and family members related to the subject, before the actual reading.

Each session covers only 2 or 3 chapters and when the subject returns, days or weeks later on appointment, the same leaf identified by a shrewd subject by its physical appearances such as tears and marks is taken up again to continue the reading. Further evidence in refutation of the possibility of fraud as pertaining to an instant astrological reading instead is that when a person who once had a reading went back for re-reading of the same leaf, a near-identical reading was made on the second occasion, as described below.

The investigator was herself proficient in astrology. She had readings her son's case No. The facts and the sequence of the facts given in the four chapters thus tested, were closely similar.

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If the reading were a concoction or all instant reading from a chart made at the session by the reader from his knowledge of astrology, successive readings on widely separated occasions could scarcely have been identical. In case No. It is a less stringent refutation of the possibility of fraud that the reader was a visiting South Indian while the subjects were from many different parts of Sri Lanka or even from other countries, who had not known the reader until their consultation with him.

Reader - a south Indian, resident in Sri Lanka for over forty years. F's ola reading case No. C was told of her father's reading by her mother AL. The reader was unaware of the relationship between C and F at the time of C's reading, nor did he have cause to remember that he gave her father's F's reading 24 years before. Moreover since F had died, there was no possibility of getting his thumb print for retrieval of his leaf for a second time.

Later the reader 'was told of the father's death. The remarkable coincidence of the facts stated on the two leaves, and described below, could thus not have been attributed to a knowledge on the part of the reader that the leaves belonged to two related subjects. F's present life. F was very keen to study medicine and he sat one examination but he did not continue as his parents wanted him to work towards the examination for the Civil Service. He always regretted that he did not study medicine.

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In his professional life, F was in employment as a senior government official in the prestigious Ceylon Civil Service, and held an important posting in a state ministry. F was married to W1 from whom he had a son S. These people face a facture in their lifetime damaging their left limbs.

People born under this influenced will get married in the late years of their life, but will have a happy marital life. Education for these people will continue even after marriage.

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These people will win over enemies very easily. These people enjoy Government vehicles or conveyance to travel. Number one people will be calculative in spending, god fearing and elderly respecting. These people respect old traditional values very much. People born on 2, 11, 20, 29 fall under this influence Number two rules the mind and people born on the above dates will have the right side energy in their body. These people are fickle minded changeable, and also change their decisions frequently.

These people are fast in thinking, eating, walking etc. These people will have very little self confidence, and always think about future forgetting the past. These people are very openhearted persons, they speak openly about everything except finance, and they will not tell where the money comes from or where the money has been spent. These people spend a lot for their friends, but, the same friends will be betraying them or backstab them.

People born under this influence will fall sick at the age of and after recovery from this age they will not have any sort of ill health problems. These people will get money whenever they need, if they have balance in their pockets or banks they will not get new funds, when once the money with them is exhausted they will get new funds unexpectedly. People born under this influence will have good manners and sweet speakers and are very emotional in nature. These people will have two names, two sources of income, two vehicles etc.

These people will earn name and fame elsewhere, not in their place of birth. These people will not get tired easily and are laborious, you can find them smiling from morning till evening no matter of how much of work load they have. These people begin profession at an early age, and also get married early and settle down. These people like to change places frequently and travel a lot.

People born on 3, 12, 21 and 30 fall under this influence People born under this influence of number 3 are very stubborn and possessive in nature. These people are very active and will have creative mentality. These people have good memory power. People under this influence will be good at mimicry or telling jokes. These people are very observant and will know instantly if anybody has touched any of their things kept at home or in their room.

These people love travelling, attending functions and marriages. These people are very active and cannot sit quite for a minute. People born under this influence will have great artistic talents like, singing, painting, playing musical instruments etc.

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These people who are under the influence of 3 will suffer from cold, cough and stomach problems in their early ages. These people also will have problems in their birth house till they are 3 years old. After the 5th year of this person their parents will have a good and prosperous time.

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These people love their father very much but will quarrel with their mother always. These people will not listen to anybody even to their parents. In their childhood days they will get the support of their grandparents. These people will be attractive to look at, and also they will have a mole on their right thigh. These people are very desirous in nature. These people eating habits are bad, they eat outside food well but, eat very less at home and many a times sleep without food but, by taking a glass of milk.

These people become the eldest daughter or son-in-law and will have a happy married life. These people will not be happy up to marriage and after marriage they will have very good time. They develop in life at the age of years. These people will not appreciate anybody, or anybody's work at any point of time.

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Females born under this influence are always mistaken by others.