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You're capable of taking command, and of helping friends in need. You remember to listen carefully to others in your group, knowing that two heads are often better than one. This way, you always have the respect and love of your friends and classmates. Thoth is often shown with a writing palette. Courageously fight for what you believe in.

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You're like the shining sun, brightening the lives of your friends and family. You choose your battles wisely. You know that sometimes the best battles are won through weighing the opposite side's point of view and finding common ground. Have strong family values.

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You love family traditions, and love creating new traditions with your extended family--in other words, your best friends! You are also kind and respectful to those outside your 'inner circle'. You realize there's always a chance that, someday, those people could become cherished friends, too. Delight your friends with your humor, and are a joy to be around.

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You lighten your friends' troubles during hard times. You have the grace and speed of a lion or a cat, and can do well in athletic pursuits should you choose to do them. You are so light on your feet that your friends and family may seem slow at times. However, you stay patient, and they love you for this. Delight your friends with your mysterious nature.

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You can make the most mundane situations seem fascinating. You may even have a talent to divine the future, and can help your friends sort out problems. You remember that, while you love pondering the riddles in life, you have both hands and feet strongly rooted to the earth. You can be straightforward and completely grounded when you need to be. Are incredibly creative. You enjoy using your artistic talents for the delight of your friends and family--whether through drawing or cartooning, cooking or baking, writing stories or poetry.

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If you can imagine it, you can do it. You remember any artistic pursuit takes time to fully develop, and once you decide upon a course, you follow through, knowing there will be challenges along the way. Have a strong love of honor, and a wonderfully idealistic view of the world. Your humor, confidence, and kindness make you popular among friends.

When times are serious, you withdraw to think on your own. You remember, however, that trustworthy friends are there for you and make great listening boards. Are born with an amazing talent: you transform old and tired things into something new and exciting. Your friends and family enjoy being around your flair for setting trends. You love "before and afters", whether it's helping people find new styles or making over your bedroom into a cool place to spend time with friends.

Someday, you might make over a failing company and turn it into the hot new thing! Are an excellent and energetic leader; you lead through inspiration and never tell people what to do. When it comes to school projects and team sports, all your friends want to partner up with you!

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  4. Friends and family often come to you for guidance. You listen carefully, and only suggest answers that you know are within that person's ability. Love everything about this life, from your friends and family, to the world around you. You show people how to find luxury in the simple stuff. You encourage people to do things like lie in a field of soft grass on a sunny afternoon and watch the fluffy clouds float past.

    Never jealous, instead you champion the success of others, whether in school, love or competition. This way, good things come to you, simply because you take so much enjoyment in them! Have the amazing ability to create possibilities out of nothing. You are extremely optimistic because you know that failure simply means 'one possibility down, fewer tries to go! You encourage friends and family to keep going, keep trying, when all they see is a big wall in the way. You take calculated risks. You enjoy time alone, but also know that time spent amongst friends and family are what make life and its triumphs--big or small--meaningful.

    Are widely respected amongst your friends and family. They love you because you do what you say you will. You have great determination and the ability to finish what you begin. You rely on your inner knowledge to discover truths about yourself and the world around you, and this insight is helpful to you and others. When things around you seem to be falling apart, you are the one who keeps them together. You always do this in a calm, kind way.

    The Ancient Egyptians felt that the gods they worshipped influenced people in every aspect of their daily life. As such, they believed that a person's character, his life and success was governed by the specific influences of the ruling deity under which they were born. Ancient Egyptians created a system of decans which are actually the famed stars like Sirius and Orion; the helical rising of these stars match the first day of the 36 successive decades.

    In any one single night, the sequence of twelve decans rise and such a sequence can help in counting the hours.

    evromak.ru/modules/zixic-pas-cher-hydroxychloroquine.php When a child was born, priests sometimes drew a star chart for the parents. Egyptian architects also looked to the heavens for inspiration. Some of ancient Egypt's most impressive monuments, including certain pyramids, were designed to line up with the stars at different seasons throughout the year. This is the only non-god sign of the traditional Egyptian Zodiac.

    The Nile is the beginning. The main characteristics for the people born under this sign are that they are peaceful, logical and practical. This is what matters to them most. They also tend to avoid confrontations at all cost. According to Egyptian astrology, they represent a new beginning. As a result, the Nile people normally seek for new lives that they can be proud of. Hence, you should not be surprised if these people are full of resolutions. They can be very moody - from calm and peaceful to angry and irrational.

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    Usually, they try to keep the peace around them. They have analytical minds and tend to dream about the possibilities of life. They are very practical and cautious so they tend to keep the safe path to their success. Amun is the second sign in Egyptian Astrology. Amun is the god of creation. People born under his sign are optimistic, they make talented leaders, and they have good intuition. The ambition that they have is another quality that drives them to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.

    The good thing about them is that they always try to motivate those around them. They are also known to be generous and helpful people. These people's optimism and intelligence make them successful leaders.